7 QUOTES That Proved To Be Very Wrong


“The Beatles have no future.”  ~ Decca Records Executive, 1962 (after The Beatles auditioned for them)


“There is no reason any individual would want a computer in their home.” ~ Ken Olson, Founder and former CEO of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977


“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. ” ~ Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, 2007


“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” ~ H.M. Warner, Founder of Warner Bros., 1927


“If excessive smoking actually plays a role in the production of lung cancer, it seems to be a minor one.” ~ W.C. Hueper, National Cancer Institute, 1953


“The problem with television is that people must sit and keep their eyes glued to the screen; the average American family hasn’t time for it.” ~ The New York Times, 1939


“There’s just not that many videos I want to watch.” ~ Steve Chen, Co-Founder of Youtube, 2005

SOURCE: https://ph.news.yahoo.com/video/7-quotes-proved-very-wrong-192247780.html


ABC of Microsoft Security Essentials

product_logoAre you too busy with so many things that you do not have time to worry on protecting your PC? Having problems with Trojans, worms and other malicious software? Unsatisfied with the services of the paid software subscriptions? Microsoft Security Essentials is the solution that you are looking for.

What is Microsoft Security Essentials?

The Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), also codenamed Morro, is a free real-time consumer antivirus software released by Microsoft which provides high-quality protection when it comes to viruses, spyware, rootkits and Trojans.

It is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The launching of the Microsoft Security Essentials has marked a change consumer antivirus marketing strategy of Microsoft because it was made for 50-60% of PC users who don’t have the money or don’t want to pay for antivirus protection. With MSE, there’s no need for registration, trials with an expiration date or renewals.

Installing Microsoft Essentials is very easy. It has a smaller download size, also include the fast installation. According to Microsoft, MSE should not be installed together with any other antimalware software. As soon as you see the Security Essentials icon becomes green, it signifies that your computer is protected and in good status. Worry no more with the latest protection because the updates and upgrades are automatic. Updates are published three times a day to Microsoft Update. MSE decompresses and scans archived files, file downloads and e-mail attachments. Using the Dynamic Signature Service, it checks the updates if an application show suspicious behavior which can help the user to identify malicious files. MSE receives positive reviews because of its low resource usage, straightforward user interface and price point. PCWorld remarked the clear-cut and cleanly designed tabbed interface. PC Magazine noticed the small installation package and speedy installation.

It is a very user-friendly security software that runs quietly in the background while you are using your computer. You won’t be bothered to continue doing other tasks while updating the system. It only gives alerts if there’s something important that you need to do. You will be able to continue your work or have fun at the same time because it doesn’t require a lot of system resources. It also helps the users to stop potential threats before they harm your computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials was generally made to help you in securing your computer. However, as experts will tell you (reference) there’s no best or infallible antivirus.

*** This article was originally written by me for TechieNow