14 Easy Ways to Get Insanely Motivated


  1. Condition your mind.
  2. Condition your body.
  3. Avoid negative people.
  4. Seek out the similarly motivated.
  5. Have goals but remain flexible.
  6. Act with a higher purpose.
  7. Take responsibility for your own results.
  8. Stretch past your limits on a daily basis.
  9. Don’t wait for perfection, do it now!
  10. Celebrate your failures.
  11. Don’t take success too seriously.
  12. Avoid weak goals.
  13. Treat inaction as the only real failure.
  14. Think before you speak.

Is Online Dating Dangerous?

internet-dating-photoNowadays, online dating sites are widespread in the Internet. It is very in demand to all singles. Engaging with online dating has advantages and disadvantages. It may be popular right now but you should think first before involving in this latest trend of meeting new people.

First time users of online dating sites find the experience amazing attracting them to continually communicate with other online daters. Don’t enjoy too much and take it all seriously because you might end up meeting the wrong person. If you are brave enough to take the risk of meeting bad company, then do what you want. Since online dating is risky, you might meet someone who will deceive and exploit you.

People are being too much addicted to online dating that they spend a lot of time in front of computer finding their perfect match or prospects. They forget to do their everyday activities like working, sleeping and even eating. Exaggerated but true. They even get irritated quickly when they experience problems with their computer or the website itself.

If you’re really interested in dating online, make sure you choose an online dating website which is not involve with scamming. Remember, you are there to meet new people and not to be a victim of scams. If the website has membership fee, make sure it has many members before you sign up to avoid wasting your money on its online dating services.

Not everything about online dating is bad. It provides many advantages too. It will give you a wider selection men and women profiles on its database from their characteristics and everything. It’s like meeting your perfect match before seeing him/her personally. Some online daters enjoy giving notes and letters to others to express what they feel. Some people love the excitement and mystery of having a relationship online.

Internet has been a great help to people but we should not abuse its use. Online dating is part of the online industry. People should discipline themselves to avoid getting addicted to it. Meeting new people and finding your match is not bad but do it the right and safest way. If online dating is not for you, don’t insist. There are still other options you can try to meet your partner.

*** This article was originally written by me for a dating website, one of the clients of my employer.