Is Online Dating Dangerous?

internet-dating-photoNowadays, online dating sites are widespread in the Internet. It is very in demand to all singles. Engaging with online dating has advantages and disadvantages. It may be popular right now but you should think first before involving in this latest trend of meeting new people.

First time users of online dating sites find the experience amazing attracting them to continually communicate with other online daters. Don’t enjoy too much and take it all seriously because you might end up meeting the wrong person. If you are brave enough to take the risk of meeting bad company, then do what you want. Since online dating is risky, you might meet someone who will deceive and exploit you.

People are being too much addicted to online dating that they spend a lot of time in front of computer finding their perfect match or prospects. They forget to do their everyday activities like working, sleeping and even eating. Exaggerated but true. They even get irritated quickly when they experience problems with their computer or the website itself.

If you’re really interested in dating online, make sure you choose an online dating website which is not involve with scamming. Remember, you are there to meet new people and not to be a victim of scams. If the website has membership fee, make sure it has many members before you sign up to avoid wasting your money on its online dating services.

Not everything about online dating is bad. It provides many advantages too. It will give you a wider selection men and women profiles on its database from their characteristics and everything. It’s like meeting your perfect match before seeing him/her personally. Some online daters enjoy giving notes and letters to others to express what they feel. Some people love the excitement and mystery of having a relationship online.

Internet has been a great help to people but we should not abuse its use. Online dating is part of the online industry. People should discipline themselves to avoid getting addicted to it. Meeting new people and finding your match is not bad but do it the right and safest way. If online dating is not for you, don’t insist. There are still other options you can try to meet your partner.

*** This article was originally written by me for a dating website, one of the clients of my employer.


Online Dating: Believing Someone Anonymous

tileahThrough online dating, singles meet other singles. Online daters are anonymous to each other giving mystery and excitement to them. People are more interested with mysterious people. In online dating, some are hesitant to share their thoughts because they’re dealing with people they hardly know.

What scary about being anonymous online, there is a possibility of danger and deceit. Some online daters exaggerate profiles and put fake pictures. Be careful in meeting those kinds. There is a danger of meeting people who are pretty good with lying. Liars are liars. Some anonymous people in online dating websites might be one of these liars. Be careful in meeting those kinds.

Here are some ways to find out if your online dater is lying to you:

  • Too Good to Be True. It’s okay if they like the same things you like. Maybe they just share the same interests as you. But what if they like everything you like? It’s time to think about it. It couldn’t be possible that they are all compatible to you. In reality, there’s no person with exact similarities with everything as you. How more with people you meet online.

Don’t believe if they admit that they like everything you like. Maybe, they just want you to like them too. What do you think? Of course, you may be thrilled to know that you both share the same interests and might be compatible to each other. Or maybe, they really have other intentions on you. Beware of them.

  • Inconsistency. You enjoy sharing stories with them and likewise. Don’t forget all their stories. The next time they share the same stories, be smart enough with all the details. If you notice some discrepancies, that will prove that you’re wasting your time somebody inconsistent. It means that that they’re hiding something about them. They will be sarcastic and defensive to you if you point out some changes with their stories. Watch out for these people.
  • Instinct. Yes, you like their answers. They are all consistent but still you don’t OnlineDating1feel like dealing with them. Let your instinct do the thinking. It has proven many times that instinct prevents you from being involve with potential unfortunate incidents. Your intuition may help you decide in here.

Online daters may be dealing anonymously to each other but this doesn’t mean that they should take the chance of deceiving others or being deceived by others. Don’t let yourself be a victim of deceit of these anonymous people. You are here online to enjoy and build a relationship. Lying and deceit is not part of it.

*** This article was originally written by me for a dating website, one of the clients of my employer. 

Why Is Online Dating Popular?

15DATING-articleLargeSome people prefer intelligence as one of the qualities that they are looking for a partner rather than the physical appearance but some still prefer physical appearance because it’s the first thing that you will see as you approach a person. What really matters to you? Or is it the personality and sex appeal?

In reality, people are conscious of how they look that that they are hesitant in conveying what they feel and think. Nowadays, sharing thoughts and feelings is not difficult anymore with the help of online dating websites. Anyone can meet someone and explore. You can have any identity you want, real or fake. In this virtual world, you can meet new people and develop a relationship.

Online dating is associated with singles of all ages – teenagers, professionals, in mid-40s, 50s or 60s, etc. Some people join online dating sites because they feel lonely and need someone to talk to. Be prepared to meet different people especially vulgar and liars. Some will try to deceit and even get your money. There are many people in these sites who will take advantage of your loneliness. Be persistent and cautious at the same time in looking your match. Don’t take it seriously unless you meet and get to know the person better. Don’t expect too much to someone you haven’t met or you will be disappointed in the end.

There are many reasons why many people find for a partner online. In online dating websites, you have many choices of men and women you desire – from age, height, hair color, ethnicity, etc. Choosing from the selections is favorable to anyone looking for a partner. Online dating is as easy as surfing the net. You can do it at home as long as you have computer and Internet connection at home. You don’t need to waste time and money going to pubs and clubs to meet someone new. If you are shy enough to approach a man/woman that you’re interested to, online dating is for you. You get to deal with anyone without seeing them. You just have to be prepared if you have plans of seeing other online daters face-to-face.

Online daters are growing everyday. If you’re looking for a wide variety of choices for your partner and want to mingle to everyone, you better join an online dating site. You might find your real partners there, be it for dating, friendship or marriage.

*** This article was originally written by me for a dating website, one of the clients of my employer.

Dating Facts

3244 % of adult Americans are single. This fact is according to U.S. Census figures. If you’re thinking that you’ll end up alone in this world, don’t lose hope! You might find your perfect match in those over 100 million single adult Americans out there.

Finding partners favor men. Men will be glad to know finding their partners is an advantage for them compared to women. Statistics states that 100 single women are taking their chances for every 86 single men. This is true but not in places like Paradise, Nevada where there are 118 single men for every 100 single women. Other cities that also favor women in looking for their match include:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Tempe, Arizona
  • Sunnyvale
  • Santa Ana, California

For single women out there, you might want to relocate on that these sunny and warm cities and find the perfect match you’ve looking for so long.

New York is the perfect hangout for singles. If you’re tired of being single and want to meet new people, you better go to New York. There is a possibility that you might find your partner in a city like that where 50% of its residents are single. You can also visit Washington, D.C. where 70% of its population is unattached. If you’re on a vacation and want to meet possible partners, don’t bother to visit Idaho and Utah because 60% and 59% of its people respectively are married.

You’ll never find love in bars and clubs. Men and women usually meet in bars and clubs. They meet new people and end up flirting too. If you’re looking for love, a bar or a club is not the place for you. Only 9 % of women and 2 % of men admitted that they met their serious partners in these places.

Show your interest to the person you like. According to the book, “Are You Normal About Sex, Love, and Relationships?”, 50% of people do some sweet talk to show their interest to a person while 25% of singles try to mingle and touch the person they like. 23% of the people prefer saying their interests to the person through its friends.

Online dating is in demand worldwide! Don’t think that online dating websites are just a crap widespread in the Internet. 40% of the entire US population is into online dating services. It’s time for you to take your chance and join some online dating sites. You might be lucky enough to find someone ideal for you.

Always update your profiles and photos online. Once you joined online dating sites, you don’t need to be shy. You should always update your profiles and photos online. According to the study published by MIT and University of Chicago, people who put photos receive more emails that with those without photos. survey revealed that profiles with photos receive more responses.

First impression counts in dating. It’s easy for men to decide whether he’ll ask a woman out again after the first date. Compared to men, women really think about it whether she’ll date the man again for the second time 

Money is the biggest problem of American couples. According to the poll made by the University of Denver, disagreement in money matter is the biggest problem of couples in America. It just proved that everyone really argues when it comes to money.

What is the best way of leaving your partner? If you feel like your relationship is not working, you don’t need to say it loud on the person’s face. 48% of online daters admitted that they broke up with their partner through email. An estimated 48 percent of online daters report that their breakups have happened over email. Women may consider it offensive and rude but it really happens.

*** This article was originally written by me for a dating website, one of the clients of my employer.

Are You Dating the Wrong Man?


Some women are having difficulty in looking for a long term partner. They always end up with the wrong man. Of course, women don’t want to get hurt and live happily ever after.

Do you want to meet your perfect match that will lasts for a long time?

Here are the men that you should not date:

  • Mr. Married – Of course, this man will not be with you for a long term. Hello! He’s committed to her wife right? He’ll only hurt you. If you’re really up to long term commitment, you wouldn’t want to have a secret relationship with anyone.
  • Mr. Perfect – This man will really not work with you. You’ll just waste your time giving the best to him and still you will not be appreciated. He’ll just lessen your self-esteem. You should find someone who will appreciate the things you do. Say goodbye to Mr. Perfect!
  • Mr. Loser – This man has all the downs in the world – no car, no job, no prospects and no money. You’ll be the one who will support him, financially and everything. You don’t need a guy who you’ll feed with everything. He’ll just get everything from you – you, money, sex, everything!
  • Mr. Not Attracted to You – Why would you waste your time on someone who doesn’t even like you or not interested in you? Women want their men to be romantic. How could that be possible if the man you’re with could not even show attraction to you? Stop the chaste with this man girl! He’s not worth it.
  • Mr. Damaged – This man is a victim of heartache and still couldn’t move on. Don’t think of helping him recover in the past. Don’t get involved with a man who has past love issues. You might end up hurt and hoping with him. You could meet after the healing is done.
  • Mr. Indecisive – This man always prefers doing other things than spending it with you. He has many plans with himself and they don’t include you. It’s like you’re not in the picture at all! He’s not contented with what’s happening and asking for more. Dump this man before he finds someone better than you.
  • Mr. Excess Baggage – This man is either divorced, with multiple ex-partners or with children. You wouldn’t want to get involve with his children and take care of them all. He has many responsibilities financially and you might end up spending money for his children too.
  • Mr. Sportsman – This man is really obsessed with sports. He’ll find more time on his sports than with you unless you want to him too. He prefers to watch a sports channel than to go out with you. Don’t think that you can win over his sports because he’ll leave anything for sports…and that’s including you.

*** This article was originally written by me for a dating website, one of the clients of my employer.

Dating Advice for Men

10Women worry a lot when it comes to dating but in reality, men also go through this stage just like they do. It’s not that easy for men too. Reading a book or article about women, dating and relationship might not help at all.

Here are some hints and advice that can help you:

  • Looks matters! So, try to look at your best on a date. Don’t arrive at your dating place looking dirty and unshaven. The worst thing you could do when going on a date is to turn up unshaven and looking dirty. I know you wouldn’t want your date to be appalled with your appearance.
  • Don’t be LATE. She will find you unreliable giving bad impressions on you.
  • Treat your date the way a woman should be treated. Make her feel special. For a start, you can give her flowers. Show the gentleman side of you: open the door for her or pull out her chair in your dating place.
  • Give compliment. Women love hearing compliments. Let her know that you’re attracted with the way she looks.
  • Since you want to get to know her, always listen to her. Show her that you’re interested to what she’s saying.
  • Be prepared for the date. Think about the things that you will talk about. You wouldn’t want your date to have a boring date with you.
  • During the date, you should offer to pay for the bills. In case she insists to pay, then you can split the bill to both of you.
  • Don’t ever kiss her goodnight that soon. Some women don’t want to be kissed on the first date, some expects that to happen. Kissing a woman on the first date will depend on the person and situation. Observing her body language will give you the idea of what to do.
  • Ask for her number before she goes home. Don’t tell her you’ll call her if you don’t really mean it. Don’t hesitate to tell that you like her and you’re interested on her. There might be a second date afterwards.

*** This article was originally written by me for a dating website, one of the clients of my employer.

Rules in Dating

Young couple celebrating with red wine at restaurantFor most men, dating women is not that easy especially if you’re not into that thing. One time or another, you’ll meet someone whom you’ll be attracted to and invite for a date, only to find out you don’t know what to do in the end. A date can be a good start to get to know each other. Here are the rules you should follow to win the heart of your perfect match and have an amazing date:


  • Always be on time in your date.
  • Wear something appropriate and comfortable clothes during dates.
  • Make sure that you’re both enjoying each other’s company. Getting too serious will just make each other bored.
  • Say nice things about the way she looks, even the things she wear.
  • Make her feel that you’re interested in her, that you want to get to know her. Talk about interesting things.
  • If you’re not interested to date her again, let her know in a nice way.
  • Invite directly someone you like or attracted to on a date. No need to ask for your friends’ approval.
  • Be optimistic if your previous dates didn’t end well.
  • Always make plans when dating and choose interesting places you would like to bring your date.
  • Consult your friends who are also dating. They can help you when it comes to dating and romance matters.


  • Don’t call your date many times, just wait for her reply. She might get irritated and turned off her phone on you.
  • Don’t date women who are not interested in you. It’s just a waste of time and you’ll just be dumped in the end.
  • Don’t be late on a date no matter what happen. Being late is a huge turn off for women.
  • Don’t talk and act with pretensions. Dating is not about lying.
  • Don’t talk too much about yourself. Women love mysteries.
  • Don’t think about anyone else while having your date. You should concentrate solely with the person you are with.
  • Don’t ever treat your date insolently. Manners are important with women.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol while on a date.
  • Don’t forget to ensure your safety when dating. Let someone know where you are going to be safe.
  • Don’t engage with sex on a first date or you might ruin everything.
  • If you’re single, don’t date a married person.

*** This article was originally written by me for a dating website, one of the clients of my employer.