Motivation in Losing Weight

weight-loss-2Losing weight is the hardest challenge but motivating yourself to lose weight is also difficult. You may experience some bad days that will discourage you to continue your goal but how will you keep your motivation in tact? What will you do to control yourself when the need arises?

Know what you want and go for it. The key in keeping yourself motivated even in the hardest times of your weight loss journey is to really stick with the end result you want. If you really want to lose weight, you have to stay focused.

People have different ways of keeping themselves motivated. A few good tips include:

  • Keep a picture of you at your heaviest weight.
  • Keep one piece of clothing that you want to fit into.
  • Book a holiday.
  • Take part in a diet and fitness regime with a friend.

The tips above are definitely some of the best ways to keep your self motivated. By keeping a picture of yourself at your heaviest, you are reminding yourself that you do not want to look like that anymore. So, the next time you feel like grabbing that next biscuit, you can take out the picture and then think again. Keep it with you if you need to and it should help you to keep focused and motivated. However, it will not help everybody as some people may get depressed at the sight of an old picture and that can cause them to eat unhealthy foods. So, try it and if it doesn’t work for you scrap it straight away!

Keeping a piece of clothing that you want to fit into is also a good idea for some people but again, it will not work for everybody. Generally, stick to whatever makes you want to lose weight and you will keep your motivation with you.

Another thing that you could try is writing down what losing the weight would mean to you. For example, would it make you happier? How would it improve your life? Would you feel healthier maybe? By writing down what losing weight means to you, you will remind yourself just how important it is and whenever you have a bad day you can look at it and give yourself the motivation that you need to carry on. People who lose weight do tend to say that they feel a lot more energetic and more confident too. So, list your goals and work towards them – that way you will stay motivated and you will soon be enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss is not as easy as you want it to be. It can be an emotional and tiring journey. There’ll be times when you will not feel like doing any exercise or eating healthy food. With the help of your lists, clothing and friends, you have to encourage yourself to carry on with your weight loss plan.

*** This article was originally written by me for Proactol


Eat More, Lose Weight

Mindful-Eating-or-How-Concentration-Can-Help-to-Lose-WeightThe annoying thing about diets is you tend to lessen the food you eat and get hungry easily. It’s not easy to say no to delicious food when your stomach is so hungry craving for anything just to fill your tummy. Dieting is nonsense if you’ll continue eating anything you feel like eating. In order to lose weight, you need to have a healthy eating plan that will keep you full for a long period of time. Losing weight without getting hungry? Yes, it’s possible!

Being Aware of the Food You Eat. You have to eat MORE, not less, to stay full for a longer time but it all depends on the type and amount of food that you eat. Make yourself aware of what is in your food so that you’ll know how much you can eat compared to other food. For example, there are 100 calories in just ¼ of a cup of raisins but for 100 calories you can also have 2 ¼ cups of strawberries. Obviously, the strawberries will keep you full for a long time as you will be having more of them for the same amount of calories as the raisins. So, you need to know what you are eating and its equivalent in order to eat more and still lose weight.

Eating the Same Amount Every Day Is Essential. Diets fail because they lessen your food intake. Now basically your stomach is used to eating the same amount every day. It is not interested in how many calories you are taking in or how much fat is in each meal, it just wants the same amount every single day. This means that you do have to find better food which you can eat more of. One thing that you could do is to make your usual foods a little healthier by substituting something with something else. For example, if you enjoy a nice fried breakfast, you do not have to stop having your favorite meal completely and opt for a smoothie instead. All you have to do is grill various breakfast items such as sausages and bacon and that way you will cut down on quite a lot of the calories. So, you can still have your big breakfast, you just have to make it a little healthier.

Overall, you do need to eat as much as you currently were but you just have to make it healthier. You can have nuts, seeds and fruit for snack to ease any cravings and be more food conscious when creating a main meal. You have a choice of not getting hungry to lose weight when you’re knowledgeable enough of the food you eat.

*** This article was originally written by me for Proactol

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

11There are many benefits of affiliate marketing. It is a low risk business with high potential. You will be investing minimal money and getting maximum profits. Most affiliate programs are free to join. You just have to set up your own website and promote your sponsor’s products and your website.

No inventory: the great thing about an affiliate program is that there is no inventory to tie up your money and space. You do not have to be constantly worried about unsold inventory or returns. Your Sponsor will take care of all shipping and customer support. All you have to do is promote to your targeted market and cash in the commission checks.

The freedom to work when you want and as hard as you want: One of the great things about owning your own affiliate business is that you can work at your own pace. There is no babysitting from bosses and management. You are the boss and do not have to ask anyone if you want to take a day off or only want to work a few hours at your business.

Your affiliate business will grow at the pace you want it to. You can promote as much or as little as you want. If you just want to keep your business as a supplementary income, you can slow the pace and just collect a small check. However, if you want to earn a good living and replace your current income then you can do this as well. It is all up to you.

*** This article was originally written by me for MakingYouRicher

Penis Hygiene

penis_hygieneKeeping and staying yourself clean is a common basis in the condition of our today’s society. Being careless about your personal hygiene is like stepping beyond the bounds of decency. Nevertheless, we can always use the hints and tips of people who are more experienced or those who had gone through unpleasant situations and are qualified to provide advice. Intimate hygiene is extremely important because it ties in with sex and romance, the two of the most important things in the life of any person. So here’s what every man needs to know about mandatory penis hygiene.

The place to start is the tip of the penis. The foreskin covers the glans, but there is plenty of space for unpleasant things to accumulate between flesh and skin. If you do not wash correctly, you may actually find a white substance gathers, which goes by the name of smegma. Smegma is a combination of dead cells, skin oils and moisture; and bacteria often thrive in this dark, moist and closed space. So, pull the foreskin back as far as it would go and start washing this area with lukewarm water. Be careful to wash both the glans and the inside of the foreskin, the part that is not normally exposed.

Make sure you are super clean down there because there probably is no bigger turn-off for a woman than a man who takes off his shorts revealing an unclean penis. This is generally considered a huge faux pas. Another word of caution, you can’t expect oral sex if you don’t take good care of yourself.

Men who are circumcised have to be just as careful as the non-circumcised guys. The lack of a foreskin means that bacteria and dead cells do not accumulate there, but it also means that the glans is no longer protected from contact with dust, sweat and all sorts of substances and fabrics that would otherwise be kept away from the penis. Some doctors also think that circumcised penises are more exposed to bacteria causing infections of the urinary tract, that is why keeping yourself clean at all times is of paramount importance.

The second area that you should focus on is the base of the penis. This is where sweat and hair combine to produce a strong smell, just as in your armpit. The area needs frequent washing in order to keep sweat from gathering there, especially since it’s covered by underwear for most of the day. Shaving or clipping down the hair is a very good idea, particularly in summer. Washing is far easier without a lot of hair getting in the way. Between the glans and the base of the penis you might also want to give the shaft a thorough scrubbing for good measure.

And lastly, the third area of focus: the testicles. Dangling between your legs, the testicles are even more prone to catching an unpleasant smell as sweat can accumulate in the folds of skin or in the space between the penis and the testicles. Wash each of them carefully and make sure the perineum (the small patch of skin between the base of the testicles and the anus) is also clean and free of smell.

*** This article was originally written by me for PenisHealth

Penis Exercises – Stretching Without a Warm-Up

Review-No.-1-Penis-Enlargement-GuideBusy people have to find solutions for nearly every problem they encounter. Some men don’t have that much free time during the day and so they are forced to make the best possible use of any spare minute. This is why men who really can’t squeeze an entire penis enlargement routine between office time and house chores usually resort to stretching. There is no point in wasting time, especially since those gains aren’t going to come around by themselves. Stretching only takes half a minute or so and can be performed while at the toilet without raising suspicion.

Stretching is different from jelqing in that its aim is not to force the Corpora Cavernosa to expand and accept more blood, but to stretch the ligaments that keep the penis in place and, thus, to increase the flaccid length of the penis. The ideal way of performing this exercise is, of course, as part of a full-blown routine including the proper warm-up and warm-down phases. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, not every man has the luxury of enough free time during the day to perform the full routine and many have to make do with the little time at their disposal.

The biggest problem with this quick fix type of solution is that stretching without the proper warm-up and warm-down is a risky idea. Can it be done? The answer is: certainly. But you will have to be extra careful about it. Working only with the ligaments is easier than trying to expand the tissue and can be done unobtrusively and with less preliminary preparations. However, you should always take care when stretching without the benefit of a warm-up phase. If the pain grows beyond the comfortable, stop immediately and try to massage the sore spot a bit. Stay away from other exercises until all traces of pain are completely gone.

One thing that you should keep in mind at all times is that stretching is targeted at increasing flaccid length and that’s about all it does for you. If you want to see erect length gains and extra inches of girth, then you will have to use a full routine, complete with the very important warm-up and warm-down phases. While stretching is easy and convenient, the real important gains come from full routines putting stress on ligaments and tissues alike and helping you see the best results. Therefore, I say find the time needed for a full routine and be careful when performing stretches without warming up.

*** This article was originally written by me for PenisHealth